FMC ProductionBandwidth Test
Network Environment

This test is good for a specific time and a specific network environment. If more devices are connected to your network on the event day or if a device decided to download an update, the result could be different. Be carefull on the event day to control the devices on your network.

Results examples:
Download > 15Mbps

The video quality will be in HD, no issues should be encounted.

Download < 15Mbps
Download > 5Mbps

The video quality will be unsure, and may change during the event, you may also experience some short cuts during long events, due to buffering in order to compensate the lack of bandwidth. In that case, refresh the page every hours or so.

Download < 5Mbps
Upload < 0.5Mbps

In that configuration the video will be in Small Definition (bad quality) and will certainly cut very often. Be sure to turn off all devices witch can consume bandwidth other than this computer.

If your bandwidth is good, you can test your setup: play the video below and check if you are able to see and hear correctly

Do not play the video at the same time as the speed test.


You successfully tested your configuration. Depending to the results you will be able or not to see our event live. But remember, most of our events are proposed on replay a few days after the broadcast day. The replay need's less bandwidth than the live and can be preloaded (by pausing the player a few seconds).